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The AC Kingston Collection

'Beyond Tropical '

Susanne consulted and curated the visionary public art collection of the AC Marriot hotel in Kingston, Jamaica in 2018/19, featuring some of Jamaica's leading contemporary artists. 


'The AC Hotel is a global urban brand intended for the contemporary traveler – the optimistic and the curious; those who desire to explore a city’s pulse and culture. As the local partner of Jamaica’s first AC Hotel in Kingston, it was our priority to curate a contemporary art collection that would speak to the deeper complexities of, and bring some fresh insights into Jamaica’s people and culture to guests, whilst maintaining the transcendental globality of the brand’s aesthetic. 


As such, the collection enriches the guest experience in a precise and powerful way, facilitating the “seeing” of Jamaica with new perspectives and deeper connections beyond the “tropical paradise” that we are often so simply branded as. Our musical and film culture, our dynamic natural beauty and articulations about our identity are all present in the AC Kingston Collection, through the lens of some of our most exciting contemporary visual artists. A wide range of artistic practices was also an important consideration, and the collection includes digital media, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mixed media and textile work, all of which stand as a testament to Jamaica’s current intersect of local narratives with global conversations in the contemporary art world. As a whole, the collection speaks to a complex sense of our contemporary nationhood through a multiplicity of voices in an international space for public viewing.'

Laura Facey 'Tines and 'Spirit Dancer' (2).jpg

Laura Facey 'Tines' and 'Spirit Dancer'

Katrina Coombs Shoshanna Weinberger (1).jpg

Katrina Coombs 'Invasion 2', Shoshanna Weinberger 'Market Fruits'

Cosmo Whyte 'Shotta' LF 'Black Petals (1).jpg

Cosmo Whyte 'Shotta' , Laura Facey 'Black Petals

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