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‘Suzie Wong Presents’ is a Jamaica based online platform prioritising the presence and work of emerging contemporary visual artists of the Global Caribbean by way of online exhibitions, art fair participation and collaborative international projects. Non-representational and exhibition/project based, the Suzie Wong mission is to champion emerging and mid career and established artists in the region and it’s Diaspora by way of increased visibility, market cultivation and knowledge production around their practices and work, whilst maintaining a constitutional fluidity to enable meaningful response to artist, community and market needs and priorities. 


By reaching new audiences, and creating and facilitating new opportunities for artists by way of increased visibility to collectors and curators, and opportunities for exhibitions, gallery representation, and residency programmes, we are innovating a new way of ‘being’ in and of the Caribbean. Suzie advocates for The Caribbean, Seen.


Conceptualised and founded by Susanne Fredricks, gallerist, art advisor/consultant and collector, the Suzie Wong platform offers:


  • Advisory and consultancy services for Jamaican and Caribbean art for private and corporate collections; 


  • Available works by emerging, mid career and established contemporary artists in the Global Caribbean;

  • An online Exhibitions programme on Artsy, and archives of past exhibitions and projects;

  • A platform for the viewing and development of the Suzie Wong Collection


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