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Artist Statement

Gwladys Gambie, born 1988 in Martinique, graduated in 2014 from Campus Caraibéen des Arts of Martinique. She has had a solo show at Pwézi kô, Poesia del Cuerpo at the Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas de Santiago de Cuba, 2017, and has participated in two residencies: ‘Création en Cours’, Guadeloupe, with the Ateliers Médicis, and Caribbean Linked V, Aruba, 2018.

Gwladys questions the condition of black women’s bodies, and explores their decolonisation, with a drawing and sculptural practice. She has created ‘Manman Chadwon’, a personal mythology of an erotic black divinity who holds the world in her self. Manman Chadwon, is the Goddess of the Sea Urchins, is inspired by the Afro Caribbean deity “Manman Dlo’, the Goddess of the Oceans, and is both strange and powerful, complex, life giving and self reclaiming. This space of Gwladys’ Body work, is a cartography- a delicate and sensitive mapping of identities and landscapes, a space of experiments and imagined possibilities, of social and poetic territory. How to decolonise this space, is her foundational question.


'Floraison',  2018, Ink on Paper ,21 x 1

1. Gwladys Gambie

'Untitled', 2018, Ink on paper, 29.5 x 3

2. Gwladys Gambie

"Untitled," 2018

Ink on paper,

29.5 x 32.5 inches

Enquire Gwladys Gambie

3. Gwladys Gambie

'Manman Chadwon to Manman Chadwon', 2018 

Indian ink on paper 

29.5 x 43 inches

4. Gwladys Gambie

5. Gwladys Gambie

"The fantastic ride," 2018

Indian ink on Paper, collage

30 x 18 inches

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