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Bibles and Bottles, 2008, Oil on primed linen, 50 x10 inches

Constant Companions, 2013, Oil on primed Hardboard,  8 x 6 inches


Golden Locks, 2012, Oil on prime Hardboard, 7x 6 inches


Wish Upon a Star, 2012, Oil on prime Hardboard, 7x 6 inches

“I wish my work to give of itself in a pure and simple way. I am a storyteller who fleshes out what is most important to my heart. My paintings are often symbolic and allegorical, attempting to explore lived experiences of both an autobiographical and social nature. There is a response in my work to the Gothic thread running through our Caribbean histories. Our landscapes are haunted by stories told and untold, and by stories denied. To have the courage to engage the present, to create a future determined by our search for truth, we must first understand our individual and collective histories. My painting concerns itself with the potential rewards of metamorphosis, in which my subjects need not be viewed as victims. Instead, they seek an innocence in which lies emotional understanding and acceptance, and a different kind of strength.”

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